Career Counselling

Identifying interests and goals of student our career counselling assists them to choose appropriate courses that would lead to not only achieving the set goals but also do so within available financial resources and minimal time. While starting their overseas education process students sometimes are unaware of global trends in employability and hence need inputs that would get them to make the right course choices at the right University. Our initial career counseling which is totally free of cost ensures that the student’s interests, aims and goals are noted and that the student is directed in the path of fulfilling his goals.

Other Services

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    University Selection

    Selecting the right University is a daunting task given the vast choices that are available. Not to worry, we make the process easier, simpler and efficient by educating you on parameters that you should be looking at in your University selection. We put to good use our experience and the feedback of former student to keep this process very robust, student friendly and to ensure that the student makes the right selection.

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    Admission Guidance

    Application scrutiny, preparation of supportive documents and alerts on deadlines ensures that the student submits a correct and on-time application. We provide clear cut instructions on the need for genuine and quality documentation that showcase the student’s eligibility to the course and also ensure that the University takes note of the students’ achievements by highlighting these in our document to the University.

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    Test Preparation

    In providing holistic services encompassing all aspects of overseas education we provide details and coaching for eligibility tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT & SAT. As good performances in these tests are an integral part of the admission process we ensure that students get the best inputs to achieve their maximum potential.

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    Scholarship Guidance

    Given the fact that overseas education is a huge financial investment for the student and his family we try to ease this burden by enlightening the student on all the scholarship options available. In this we draw from a list of university scholarships, institutional scholarships, Government scholarships and Scholarships offered by MNCs.

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    Financial Assistance

    As many students rely on overseas education loans to finance their education we have established close ties with financial institutions offering these loans. We also organize in-house loan assistance through reputed banks leading to quicker processing of loan applications for our students.

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    Visa Documentation

    Many students consider visa documentation the most difficult aspect of their overseas education process. This is true to an extent as the visa process of each country is governed by a complex set of rules which change from time to time so for an undiscerning first time user the visa system is sometimes pretty intimidating. Bearing this in mind our visa counselling and documentation process is loaded with precise and important information that would take away all the ambiguity away. Further our visa briefing give very personal information relating to the requirements of each student to ensure that a 100% visa success rate is maintained.

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    Travel Planning

    As students stretch their wings and fly out of the country, some of them for the very first time, we make the travel a pleasurable experience by preparing them for the experience with the best of information, assisting them in getting student friendly deals in ticketing, better baggage allowances and best exchange rates for foreign exchange requirements.

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    Pre-Departure And Post Arrival Services

    Whether it is planning for getting your accommodation on or off-campus or assistance in getting your airport pick-up sorted or inputs to get part-time jobs we will offer our assistance where needed, while at the same time let you enjoy the thrill of planning your departure from India and arriving into a foreign country.

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    Career Pathway Planning

    We understand that the success of any investments is calculated by the returns it fetches and in overseas education the expected return is immediate employment in a global brand. For starters we try to maximize this return by imparting soft skills, which potential employers look for, to our students. We also input global employment trends, immigration requirements etc in making the student more prepared for the challenges of a globetrotting career.