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  • Counsellor Overseas Educationis a student centred overseas education consultancy assisting students to enrol in overseas Universities of their choice. Established in 2006 by experienced academics,initially COE worked with the sole objection of providing latest course information, individual counselling and authentic visa paperwork assistance for students intending to pursue their education in the United Kingdom. With the success of its student counselling services to UK COE took on other education destinations and today successfully offers counselling, admission and visa services to more than 20 countries. Adding to this COE is also into test preparation guidance, soft skills development and student mentoring.

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  • COE offers expert and professional guidance compassing all aspects of studying, living and working in a foreign country. All students who pursue education abroad do look forward to extending their stay abroad to work there for some time after completing their studies. COE’s business process is best suited to equip you in achieving this goal as we introduce you, very early, to international documentation, multi-culturalism and western academic practices, all this apart from enrolling you in employment oriented courses and imparting soft skills.

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COE has

  • Internationally Certified Counsellors
  • End-to-end services covering all aspects of overseas education
  • 100% visa success
  • Official representative of most of the premier Universities of the world
  • Official Registration centre for IELTS
  • British Council Agents Certification
  • Frequent visits by Overseas Universities
  • Test preparation guidance
  • Allied services including forex, travel guidance, accommodation, post arrival services etc


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COE Student Testimonies

Hear from our current and past students
  • Testimonial

    I sincerely thank COE for their efforts in helping me shape my academic future!

    Roseline Anisha Yashpal, Wisconsin, US

    My interaction with COE led me to get admitted to a reputed college in the United States and complete my MBA. Not only during the admission, but all throughout my study, COE was in regular touch with me and assisted me in my academic progression.

  • Testimonial

    Thanks a bunch, COE.

    Sarfarraz Ali Ali Sadiq Yasmeen, Cambridge, UK

    I am presently pursuing my under-graduation in Law in UK. From helping me select the right course and the University to visa process to accommodation and so much more, COE was there for me all through the way.

  • Testimonial

    COE is the best in what they do. Highly recommended.

    Nina Dharmaraj, Cambridge, UK

    Ensuring Success, my success.” That’s what COE did to me. The comprehensive services offered by Noel sir and his team is simply unparalleled and it gave me so much confidence in selecting the right educational institute along with taking care of the nitty-gritties of getting admitted to an overseas University.

  • Testimonial

    Thanks to Noel sir and his remarkable team.

    Anamika Madhuraj, London UK

    COE helped me find my way into King’s College London. For most students it might be a dream, but COE helped me live my dream. They simplified the entire process of admission and now I am in one of the most coveted educational institutions in the world.

  • Testimonial

    Thanks COE.

    Rajaram Chinnakkan, Scotland

    Ever since I was directed to COE, I was simply overawed by the professionalism and insight that they have as far as helping students get into overseas Universities of their choice. They helped me choose the right course in the right university which led me to the right job.

  • Testimonial

    I am happy that I chose COE. My special thanks to all at COE.

    Shivani Subramanian, Leeds, England

    The personalized counselling and all-round assistance of Noel Sir and his team helped me get into a reputed college in the UK. The team at COE knows exactly what the student wants and gets working towards getting her to the right overseas University.

  • Testimonial

    Thanks Team COE!

    Kalvikarasi Selvaraj, Auckland, New Zealand

    High quality and personalised guidance and comprehensive help with proper documentation led me to get admitted to one of New Zealand’s best Universities.

  • Testimonial

    Thanks a lot, COE.

    Harish Madhav, Christchurch, New Zealand

    For me, personally, COE’s visa guidance is the best. Having tried and failed in my previous attempts to secure a visa, I was directed by a well-wisher to COE. Not only did they help me secure my visa, they also streamlined, and ironed out the creases in, my admission process.

  • Testimonial

    From Assam to Edinburgh is a journey I couldn’t have made without the efforts of COE.

    Siddharth Thapa, Edinburgh, Scotland

    Having been brought up in the state of Assam, not many of my brethren can boast of getting admitted to a world class overseas University without professional help. But COE’s top notch counselling services helped me overcome my initial apprehension and gave me the confidence of dreaming big.

  • Testimonial

    I hope that COE will flourish all over India and I wish them all the best.

    Roshan Raju, University of Bedfordshire, UK

    COE is personally my best agency. It was my luck that I came to know about this agency. It meets all the requirements and needs of the people. It is because of this agency that right now I am doing my under graduation course in the U.K. I had a nice time there. At first it gives us a theoretical knowledge about foreign education. According to our marks and budget this agency itself finds the appropriate place for us. Then it supports all the way round. It gives us knowledge and practical tips about visa interviews and naturally we will become confident. COE has lot of direct links with many foreign universities. A large number of students are coming every year to foreign countries to do their course. I hear some students complaining that their agency was not good and that is why they are studying in bad universities. I promise that no student coming through COE would find any problem that is COE. The people working in COE are perfect and skilled.

  • Testimonial

    I am always grateful to COE and words would not do justice in thanking them.

    Rajaram Chinnakkan, Robert Gordon University, Scotland, UK

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Selvin David Noel and all the staffs at Counsellor Overseas Education (COE) from the bottom of my heart for being very helpful in the selection of the right University which was suitable for me. COE provided me the right information and guided me in right direction from the beginning I approached them. The personalised motivation provided and all the tips provided by Mr Selvin David Noel were very helpful to me to plan my career. I would say 'Counsellor Overseas Education' is the right name for all the counselling assistance provided to all the aspiring students. I wish COE continue their service for the years to come. I would also recommend COE to anyone aspiring to pursue higher education abroad.

  • Testimonial

    I am so thankful to staff members at COE.

    Grace Rebecca, SMH Fleet Solutions Ltd Luton, UK

    Studying abroad has been the best part of my life so far. It is impossible to put into words the feelings that I have about my time there. It has been a chapter in my life that I will never forget, and one which has changed the way I feel about my future and my ambitions. Counsellor Overseas Education has shown me the way to stabilize my career path and I strongly recommend you to step in. The care they shown to me were excellent and I didn't feel like a stranger from beginning till the end.

  • Testimonial

    I strongly recommend CES and take the advice of Mr Noel and wishing all a Good luck in your future endeavour.

    Sakthivel, Network Support Engineer, Singapore

    Four years down the line I took an important decision in my life which was taking my master degree in London UK. The process of getting admission in a reputed University like Middlesex in UK was not easy going without the help of CES and its head Mr Noel. They played a vital role in helping me to choose my University, Course and to an extent in explaining what should I expect during my course time which I haven’t thought was very useful until I started hearing news about other Consultant Agencies through my course friends. They also helped me in getting my IELTS done. I feel CES stands out from other agencies through few extra miles which they travel along with their students. One Such like incident was they extend their help for my father in getting his visa done in time during my graduation at free of cost which they could have easily said it’s not their job but instead they did just because I was their student. Today I am proud to say if people of my society appreciate my communication skills, personality and of course my Master degree CES and Mr Noel played an important role in shaping me.

  • Testimonial

    I thank them for their excellent service and hope that many more students would benefit from them.

    Amrita Manohar, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

    I first approached COE in April 2012, seeking direction in realizing my plans to pursue a postgraduate degree abroad. Contacting them proved to be a great decision, as they expertly guided me through the whole process: from picking out courses and educational institutions from their large database to match my academic aspirations, applying to and interviewing with the universities, availing scholarship opportunities, right up to planning my travel and accommodation at the university. The entire process was transparent, and everyone I met at COE was extremely friendly, always available to address my concerns.

  • Testimonial

    This institution is Just AWESOME for the student

    Pranav Thomas, University of Bedfordshire, UK

    I am extremely happy to provide a testimony about Counsellor Overseas Education and its CEO Mr Selvin David Noel to make me what I am today. I am really indebted to Counsellor Overseas Education for guiding me all through my process of MBA at United Kingdom. I was really worried after my graduation thinking about my MBA plan and I was totally confused about the universities at United Kingdom. Counsellor Overseas Education provided me all the substantial knowledge which I require and I thank especially CEO of this institution Mr Selvin David Noel in guiding and helping me all through the way till I reach London. Counsellor Overseas Education helped me during my IELTS, visa process and accommodation at United Kingdom. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Counsellor Overseas Education and wish this institution best wishes ahead.

  • Testimonial

    If you are looking to study in the UK and cut through the confusion of choices Counsellor Overseas Education can really help.

    Adeline Lazarus, University of Greenwich, UK

    There are educational consultants and there are educational consultants. To me Counsellor Overseas Education is one that no other consultant can measure to. I really can’t recommend Counsellor Overseas Education enough. They have gone out of their way to provide me with a clear understanding of the admission process and guiding me through my options. In each interview I had with Mr Selvin, he explained my situation and how to go about with gaining a foothold, with time being of essence. I found Counsellor Overseas Education very organised and structured in their approach with the utmost honesty. I got exactly what I asked for and what I expected thanks to them. Miriam was very knowledgeable and informative and shared her experiences freely and calmly. Mrs Esther was a pleasure to deal with. All in all it is my greatest pleasure to recommend Counsellor Overseas Education as a professional consultancy that saves time by getting it right the very first time.

  • Testimonial

    I personally take this opportunity to Thank you Mr Noel, for everything and for making my dream come true!

    Rock Sagayanesan, Talent Acquisition,-Infoplus Technologies, UK

    My counsellor Noel from Counsellor Education Services Pvt Ltd guided me at every stage of the application process along with necessary emotional support to successfully to join the University of Bedfordshire, UK. The entire process right from one-to-one career counselling, study options at various locations, detailing about course structure, application procedure, finance arrangements, visa processing, travel plans and accommodation support offered to me were thoroughly professional and highly reliable. This enabled me to start my course at the right time without any problems. I would 100% recommend the effective and efficient services of Mr Noel, for aspiring students who wish to study abroad.

  • Testimonial

    They help you out starting from which course would be better for a better class of life.

    Prabu E , University of Dundee, Scotland UK

    I had one of the profound experiences meeting with this team of enthusiastic and hardworking group of Counsellor Overseas Education. The system followed and the follows up with the universities are fantastic. They help you out starting from which course would be better for a better class of life. They have a wide variety of universities who offer a wide variety of courses. Each and every one of us is stuck in cross roads of life and not everybody will be able to help on which road to take. But here in Counsellor Overseas Education they do. I have to take the time to appreciate Mr Noels experience and expertise for the service he is doing to the students. They are always travelling and are always updated on the current affairs of the universities and the visa procedures. The thumb rule that they follow is they are straight forward and simple, which I think plays a key rule for the visas and for helping us to choose a better future. If I have to recommend to any of my friends, it would definitely be Counsellor Overseas Education and no one else. I would give them a ten on ten rating. If you any queries please feel free to write to me at Prabu E